TEMPEST Training Courses

We provide courses in our facility in Prague

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Training courses regarding the classified standards are organised in cooperation with the NTA of the Czech Republic (now under NÚKIB – National Cyber and Information Security Agency, formerly under NBÚ). These courses are held as classified according to the discussed NATO or EU standard. The course at tendees are required to have a valid NATO or EU clearance of the particular level or higher.

Available classified certified courses according to

The courses are subdivided into modules which are focused on different topics and level of knowledge (basic, advanced, expert).

Our TC10/1 course “TEMPEST Fundamentals” is NATO recognised course focused on NATO personnel involved in information assurance. Based on this course we provide introductory course “TEMPEST vulnerability” for government organizations and security forces of EU and NATO countries.

The “TEMPEST vulnerability” is organized as unclassified and it is intended for people who are not specialists in the TEMPEST or EMSEC area but who are working with classified matter. The course demonstrates risks and vulnerability due to compromising emanation. During the course we demonstrate attacks of monitors, serial ports, fibre optics and RF flooding. Demonstrated are also fortuitous conductors and unintentional couplings. The goal of the course is to demonstrate with real equipment that the Tempest attack is doable and rules make sense to follow.

Contact us for list of available training courses. We can also develop one to fit your needs. Some courses are going to very deep details so it is usually more discussion between participants and lectors.