Shielding Effectiveness Measurement System

The system was developed primarily for security applications according to NSA 65-6 and similar standards. It was further modified to general purpose SE measurement system capable to conduct measurements according to standards SDIP-29/2, IASG 07-02, IEEE Std 299, EN 50147-1, MIL-STD 188-125. Frequency coverage is 1kHz to 11GHz (optionally 18GHz).

Transmitter and receiver parts are connected with a fibre optic cable, or a time synchronisation is used. Preamplifier on the receiver is activated and input limiter is bypassed. Measurement application is running on the laptop connected to transmitter part. Receiver is remote controlled from the transmitter side and is located inside the tested chamber.

IZ960 Shielding Measurement System Basic 10 MHz - 3 GHz
  • Digital Receiver IZ225
  • Signal Generator IZ240
  • Antennas IZ126-A03-28 and IZ126-A03-38
  • Carbon Tripods
  • Laptop with measurement software IP960 with HW Key
  • RF and Data Cables, accessories and PELI transport cases
  • Cables and accessories